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Collins, Alfred Public Records Office June 2000 British Coastguard Records.
Martin, Richard
2001 Newbiggin By The Sea Lifeboat Station Established 1851. The First 150 Years.
Robinson, John 
Royal National Lifeboat  Institution. Story of Newbiggin-by-the-sea Lifeboat Station - Established 1851."
Scarlett, Bernard Pelham Books 1971 Shipminder - The Story of Her Majesty's Coastguard.
Unknown  Bulletin and Scots Pictorial 8th December 1959 George Robb "Cruel Cliffs Of Death." Page 1 & back page.
Unknown The Coastguard Spring 1955
Vol 8 No. 1
Chronicle Cup - Newbiggin win cup first time in their history. Page 9
Unknown The Coastguard June 1958 
Vol  11   No. 2
Jean Stephens - "Winter's Fiercest Gales and Blizzards - Anti-Tank Ditches Hold Up Rescue Work In The North."  Page 31
Unknown The Coastguard August 1959 - 
Vol 11 No. 2
"Gulls Eggs - "Dangerous Pastime." Page 51
Unknown The Coastguard August 1959
Vol  11   No. 2
Stellatus - "Coastguard Anticipation Beat Rescue Call."  Page 32
Unknown Daily Record 8th December 1959 George Robb 
"Death In The Boiling Sea." 
Page 1 & back page
Unknown John O'Groat Journal 6th March 1959 Stellatus - "Swedish cargo ship stranded at Freswick."
Unknown  John O'Groat Journal 11th September 1959 Swiftsure - "Lossiemouth Seine-netter Refloated After Stranding."
Unknown John O'Groat Journal 11th December 1959 "Two Ships Wrecked On Caithness Coast During Fierce Gale."  Page 3
Unknown The Press & Journal 4th March 1959 Stellatus - "Crew Abandon Ship Aground", Page 1.
Unknown The Press & Journal 8th December 1959 George Robb - "10 Minutes Would Have Saved The George Robb." Page 1/5.
Unknown The Press & Journal 8th December 1959 Servus - "New Double Drama On N-E Coast." Page 1
Unknown Public Records Office Unknown The Coastguard - Before the coastguard.
Unknown Scottish Daily Express 4th March 1959 Stellatus - "Abandon Ship!" Page 1
Unknown Scottish Daily Express 8th December 1959 George Robb - "The Stacks of Death." Pages 1 / 5 / 9
Unknown Scottish Daily Express 8th December 1959 George Robb skipper - Marshall Ryles Page 1
Unknown   Scottish Daily Express 8th December 1959 "Death Was Christmas 'Bonus' " Page 5. (Continued from from one.)
Unknown Scottish Daily Express 8th December 1959 Servus - "New SOS - 9 more adrift." Page 1
Unknown Unknown 29th August 1959 "Young Man Drowned In Disused Quarry."
Unknown Unknown 10th May 1959 Gulls Eggs - "Wick Cliff-Fall Man Stuck 140ft. Up."
Unknown Unknown 4th September Swiftsure - "Before Lossie boat was refloated at Wick."
Webb, William H.M.S.O. 1976 Coastguards! An Official History Of HM Coastguard.




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