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Index      -      Eric Campbell - Home Page
Welcome     -      Brief introduction to the site.
Objectives      -      An idea of the completed site will comprise of.
Bibliography      -      Reference of information used.
Acknowledgements      -      My thanks and gratitude for their help and time.
What's New      -      List of latest pages / updates.  Tasks to be done.

HM Coastguards  (Pt 1)      -      Brief history of the coastguard formation and smuggling.
      HM Coastguards - Pt 2

WICK -  Home Page      -      Brief introduction to Wick
    Wick Rescues      -      A few of the many rescues by Wick and local Coastguards and  RNLI
          Jean Stephens      -     Aberdeen trawler aground at Sinclair Bay.

Stellatus 1      -      Swedish cargo ship aground 
Stellatus 2      -     
Stellatus 3      -      
Cliff Rescue 1      -      Rescue of man stealing gulls' eggs.
Cliff Rescue 2      -      
Tragic Drowning      -      Young man drowns in quarry near Thurso.
Swiftsure 1      -      Seine netter boat aground at Wick Bay.
Swiftsure 2      -      
George Robb 1      -     Aberdeen trawler pounded on rocks at Duncansby Head where
                                     Eric Campbell died.
George Robb 2      -      
George Robb 3      -      
George Robb 4      -      Page one report - Scottish Daily Express
    George Robb4b     -     Page 5 report - Scottish Daily Express
George Robb 5      -      
Harbour Damage      -      Damage to Wick Harbour.
Skipper                 -           Brief article of the George Robb skipper.
What went Wrong      -      How did the George Robb get caught in the storm
Servus 1                   -         Leith Coaster caught in gales AFTER George Robb
Servus 2                   -        

George Robb 50th Anniversary    -  6th Dec. 09, 50th Anniversary, story and photos


    Wick Town      -   
    Places Visited
    Places Stayed

    Cockburnspath Village
    Places Visited
    Places Stayed
    Cockburnspath Rescues


NEWBIGGIN-BY-THE-SEA Home Page      -      A brief introduction to Newbiggin.
    Newbiggin Town            -            A glimpse of Newbiggin past and present.
    Cup Winners            -            Coastguards win the highly prized Chronicle Cup.
    Places Visited
    Places Stayed
    Newbiggin Rescues
    150 Years Anniversary            -          Newbiggin Lifeboat Station's 150 Years in service.
       150 Years Anniversary Part2
    Lifeboat Station History            -          A brief history of the Lifeboat Station.


Guest Book

Royal Navy      -      Eric's Home Page for the Royal Navy
   Royal Navy Pt. 2      -      General details of Eric's early days.
Service      -      Eric's Royal Navy Service History

HMs/m Tempest      -      Tempest crew join up.
     Tempest Pt.2      -      Tempest catches Italian wrath.
     Tempest Pt. 3      -      Final few hours of HMs/m Tempest
Crew                       -       HMs/m Tempest's (full) crew list
Statistics                 -        Details of HMs/m Tempest

'T' Class Submarines    -   Information of 'T' Class submarines

Circe                   -       Italian Torpedo Boat Circe with picture.

Robert Whitehead     -    Brief history of Robert Whitehead - designer of the Mk VII torpedo.

Torpedo              -       Brief history of the torpedo

Von Trapp family      -    Link to Robert Whitehead's family.



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